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Il Fantasia Festival is an international cultural event inspired by the work of Michael Ende held annually at Genzano of Rome, where Ende lived over 15 years, and where his most famous books were written, “momo"and "The Neverending Story".

Fantasmagorie Studio edit the section FANTASY SHORTS, which is aimed at established directors or directors from film schools around the world who have found inspiration in the literary genre of the Fantastic, also known as Fantasy. The festival is aimed at fans of the genre and has the ambition to stimulate young artists to get involved with this fascinating film genre.

The institutional partners of the Festival, conceived and created by Municipality of Genzano di Roma, I'm the German municipality of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, hometown of Michael Ende, the city of Rome capital city , Lazio region.

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Dates and place:

Second edition:
25-26-27 2023 August

Genzano ancient city of Rome

Sforza Cesarini park

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