A Memory

A Memory

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Alcamo 1964, Al Qamah 1243: two girls and an unusual fate


1964. Franca, a 16 year old girl, is immersed in the reading of an old dusty book, in the municipal library of Alcamo, north-western Sicily. The book reports a story that took place in 1243 in that same city, then called Al Qamah: a trial that saw the rich merchant Goffredo accused of raping Benvenuta, the daughter of a poor rope maker. The trial and the events before it are narrated to Emperor Frederick II by Taddeo da Sessa, jurist and adviser to the emperor. A few years earlier the Swabian sovereign had introduced legislation in favor of women, the revolutionary significance of which will not be equaled by any subsequent legislation, in Italy and in the world, in the following eight centuries. The young Franca reads the events with attention and rapture, which turn into images before her and before our eyes. Finally, the call of a familiar voice brings her back to the tasks of everyday life.


ideation, Direction: Mario Kreill, Arianna Rossini
Animation: Costanza Lettieri
Graphics and Character design: Caterina Nissim
A production Fantasmagorie Studio

Until a few decades ago Sicily, but we can say the whole country and also a large part of the West, placed the woman in a subordinate condition to the man, treating her in all respects as a being whose humanity was partial, of quality inferior.

Yet it has not always been this way. In various places and moments in history there have been societies that have recognized dignity and rights for women.

The construction of history is an overlapping of story levels that takes us back over the decades and centuries. Each level of story is expressed with its own and coherent animation technique: the puppet animation tells the most recent of history, the 60s that see Sicily torn between industrialization and honor killing, the newborn TV and the fuitine. For the medieval tale we have instead chosen an original combination of medieval illustration, the popular tradition of Sicilian carts, tarot illustrations and the original artistic path of Luzzati and Gianini.


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